Snow Capped Mountains


Trained through the Healing Arts Institute in Fort Collins Colorado in 2007, I specialize in restorative and healing massage therapy utilizing the Body Insight methodology. 

I've served a wide range of clients from police officers suffering with work related pain and injuries, to special needs children, and those undergoing treatment for, or recovering from, chronic injury or illness. In addition I work specifically with clients seeking to resolve common pain and tension. Supporting and empowering clients to become aware, knowledgeable and active participants in their health journey has gone from one of my passions, to my life's mission. My conviction that massage therapy is a powerful tool to achieve holistic health has been solidified by experiencing it myself, and witnessing it within clients, family, and friends. I am also a Certified Birth Doula, and offer pre-birth, post-birth coaching and massage therapy to expectant and new moms.

When I am not working with clients, you'll likely find me enjoying the outdoors. Whether hiking, camping or fishing, my soul is happiest in the river and/or the mountains. Exploring and sharing my love for God's creation with my children and husband are my greatest joys.

 Approach to healing and restoration

Body Insight is an integrative neuromuscular methodology that partners client and practitioner to identify and resolve the root cause of physical tension and pain. It is founded in the belief of the mind - body connection, and helps muscle and mind to un-learn unhealthy posture and movement that no longer serve them while teaching the correct posture and movement. This form of treatment can help clients resolve long held aches, pains and general limitations.


This methodology can:

  • relieve and/or resolve common muscular aches and tension 

  • alleviate chronic pain and tension associated to structural issues (scoliosis, cerebral palsy)

  • assist with recovery and performance for athletes

  • enable more rapid and holistic injury recovery

  • increase awareness for client so that they can actively improve stability, mobility, and agility


My approach is based on the mind-body connection, and the belief in the power of healing touch. The integration of essential oils, hot stones, deep tissue massage, and other modalities provide deeply relaxing and restorative experiences for clients.