• Erin

Balance your body. Balance your mind.

2020, the year that lasted a decade. The stress, change and tumult has taken a toll on everyone. We all know the impact stress has on our body, mind and spirit and maintaining balance in our lives has been...a challenge. We've been isolated and separate, which is unnatural for humans. We seek community, fellowship and the ability to touch or hug one another, and deprivation of those basic needs have left many feeling disconnected and even depressed. Now more than ever it is important to take care of our body, mind and spirit and each other. The power of massage goes beyond simple relaxation, and feeds those basic needs of human touch, compassion and connection. Not mention the boost it offers to our immune system through the movement of lymph, or the stimulation of feel-good hormones. Let's not just survive these stressful times, let massage become part of your self-care regimen and thrive!

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